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Womens Health

Maternity Care / Post Natal Care
We are part of the HSE’s Combined Care Scheme which entitles women to ante-natal visits and post natal visits to check their health and their baby’s at our surgery.
Care is shared between the GP and the maternity hospital of choice.

Family Planning
All doctors can provide contraception advice and prescriptions for The Pill and Depo-provera. We also provide the Morning After Pill.

Psychosexual Advice

Pregnancy Testing

Menopause Advice

Incontinence Advice

Cervical Cancer Screening
Smear Tests are available free for eligible women between the ages of 25 and 60.

To register for your free smear test please ring Cervical Check on 1800 45 45 55 or register online at www.cervicalcheck.ie . We also offer private smear tests for any women outside the above criteria.

Breast Cancer

Breat Cancer Information

Gardasil Vaccination
A course of 3 vaccinations over 6 months is recommended for girls / women aged between 9 and 26 to prevent Cervical Cancer and HPV infections.

STD Screening
We provide a confidential screening service for all major sexually transmitted infections.
Recommended screening examinations


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